Who Might Choose a Roller Shutter Garage Door?

Choosing a new garage door isn’t easy if you don’t know what you want. This can sometimes be the case for homeowners who have never bought a new garage door before, which probably accounts for a lot of people. After all, garage doors tend to be infrequent purchases as they last a long time. If you have bought a new build house especially, you might not have to replace the garage door that comes with the property for many years to come. If you are now in the market for a garage door and you are wondering what type you should choose, a roller shutter door can make an excellent choice. Giving you better security, more practicality and excellent value for money, a roller door is a perfect first step for someone looking to get a different type of garage door. It won’t be as expensive as a sectional door, and it will offer you far more int terms of functionality than a typical up and over garage door would.

A roller shutter door is rather unique in its method of operation. Instead of having to be swung open by hand, it will roll upwards into the top of your garage instead. It will roll up and into itself, hence the name roller shutter door, folding up out of the way. This gives you far more space on your driveway, so you can park your car closer and place items inside the garage closer to the door as well, without having to worry. It is easy to operate this kind of door, usually with electricity – just press a button and the door will begin to roll up into the ceiling.

Roller shutter doors are an aesthetic enhancement for your property as well. They are often chosen by homeowners who have a more modern property, due to their simplistic and more contemporary feel. They are very unassuming though, so they can also work very well in terms of style with an older property. You could choose an unassuming colour for the finish if you want your roller door to blend in and not attract too much attention to itself.

So why might you choose a roller door over the different kinds of garage door on the market? A roller shutter garage door might suit someone who is:

  • Looking for a new garage door that is an improvement on their last one
  • Willing to spend a little bit more, but doesn’t want to pay round the corner garage door type prices
  • Concerned about security and wants a newer door that is difficult to break into.
  • Needs more simplicity when opening a garage door. A roller door could suit someone who has mobility issues.
  • Wants something simple, clean in design and unassuming to look at.
  • Doesn’t want a garage door that will require a lot of maintenance, or have to be replace every few years.

Roller shutter doors can be suitable for many different homes. Take a look at them in more detail to see if they will suit yours.